My Husband’s Poem on Our 13th Anniversary

Thirteen years are passing by like days,
The first time in commissary never goes away
Beautiful face stood out the crowd My heart vibrated,
Is she the girl that I will vow

I don’t know what it is that you saw in me
I saw in you the utmost happiness that can ever be,
Even more so on the day when you and I became “We”
Hearts were united on twenty five March two thousand
There’d never been a doubt even for one second

A rose for every year,
Many smiles for every tear
Way more of the first than ever of the later
What’s deep in our hearts is all that really matters
We’ve learned a lot, yet still a lot to learn
For that smile in your eyes my heart still yearns

Keep giving me a chance to show you my love
We’ve always found a way to enhance above

Two little angels came into our live
Twelve years as parent we have arrived
You are an amazing wife and an outstanding mother
There is no place in the world that man can have another
We know what we have and we have made it this far
We often say to each other just how lucky we are
To have what we have when we look in our eyes
We both know that Allah has given us the precious prize

Happy Anniversary my beloved wife Okina Fitriani

#Thank you for the beautiful poem, Habibi…

2 Replies to “My Husband’s Poem on Our 13th Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations, Bu Okina and Bapak. A wonderful peom for a wonderful wife;) Keep inspiring us.

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